Ashley McBryde demonstrated she’s ‘made for this’

Fans tune in as Ashley McBryde performs with her band at the Nation Thunder Live event on April 14, 2023.

Ashley McBryde and her band set the vibe for their lively Friday night set with a rambunctious version of “Made for This,” a tune about how, to do music, you’ve “need to be made for this.” And McBryde is obviously made for this (to say the least). You could see it in the grin that seldom left her face in a presentation she implanted with such unrestrained delight, it was past infectious. She has an extraordinary voice, yet her gift is more by they way she utilizes it to bring you into what she’s singing, from the hazily funny “Brenda Put Your Bra On” and “Martha Divine” to tunes that talk straightforwardly to the heart like her new single, “Light on in the Kitchen,” and “Sparrow,” a melody about needing to fly from one perspective and missing her folks on the other.

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— Ed Masley

Lonestar went on Nation Roar on a wistfulness outing
Country fans who needed to enjoy their wistfulness for the music of the ’90s and mid 2000s had two chances to enjoy a truly incredible lifestyle — or for this situation, remember the fantasy — at Nation Thunder Arizona.

The honor tumbled to Tracy Byrd on Thursday. Friday it was Lonestar’s move.

Lonestar performs at Nation Thunder live event close to Florence on April 14, 2023.

As it would turn out, they were stirred up to focus on a collection they have turning out in June called “10 to 1,” for which they returned in and yet again recorded each tune they took to No.1 (9 on Board, one on Radio and Records).

Playing every one of the 10 was somewhat of a flex however nobody appeared to mind. Richie McDonald, who sang on the first accounts of those melodies, has left the gathering a subsequent time. Yet, his substitution, Drew Womack, makes a fine showing of rejuvenating the quintessence of those hits.

— Ed Masley

This moving couple got everyone’s attention from Lonestar
As the sun sets over Nation Thunder, numerous celebration participants are pulled to exhibitions on the principal stage, passing up the line moving tomfoolery. Yet, one sets of Nation Thunder participants gave a sample of what the moves resemble inside the tent. A horde of spectators halted to look as Rhys Freitas guilefully turned Katie Boyle, finishing in a plunge that had everyone’s eyes on the couple. The San Diego locals partook in the couples line-moving rivalry and took to moving against the background of Lonestar’s set as they sat tight for the outcomes.

Katie Boyle and Rhys Freitas dance as the sun sets at Nation Thunder Live concert close to Florence on April 14, 2023.

Line moving is something other than a Nation Thunder diversion for the pair. “He requested that I dance in a nation bar in St Nick Barbara and no doubt we’ve been moving together from that point forward,” Boyle said, grinning and giving Freitas a crush. The pair are presently hitched and headed out to Florence from San Diego in a RV to see their number one specialists, including Kip Moore and Cody Johnson, play in the desert. Boyle said she is wanting to partake in the line-dance contest on Sunday.






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